A New Business Model


Hi, everyone. It’s been a while. I said I’d get back to a more regular schedule in January, but then I came down with a fever, and then there’s all this snow, but enough excuses…Being open to new ideas, I have come across a few new terms, such as “voluntaryism” and “delight-driven learning.” I am now 200% convinced that educational reform could bring about world peace, but many have tried and many have failed to take into account the challenges of change management. How does this affect Lavoce? Besides what I can do to make a change in my family, one child at a time (I hope), this will affect the entire philosophy and underpinning of Lavoce policies. Simplified, Lavoce will have a philosophy of voluntary involvement, which means no coercion, use of force, or anything akin to grading, testing, or compliance to standards. What performance-based records are kept, if any, are understood to be descriptive, rather than proscriptive, and an objective indicator, rather than an enforceable law. I want innovative, problem-solving partners, not soldiers and not someone like that woman from a Coming to America who was raised to obey her husband and have no independent thought of her own. I don’t care about your past, all I care about is your drive to change the world. I will “ban the box,” and ask only about any records when I can get it from your mouth. If you prefer robots, statistics, discipline, and the scientific method (which is actually too controlled to be non-influenced by humans), then Lavoce is not the company for you. Lavoce is a female-owned corporation, and with a woman’s intuition comes a human (and forgiving) touch.