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Suit and tie

Suit and tie

Is a suit and tie not you? Seeking future staff:

  • Ability to apply good judgment based on hard facts and able to ask the right questions to make a discerning decision is a must!
  • Background and familiarity in advertising, marketing, public relations, and photography is preferred.
  • Experience with startup or small businesses is preferred.
  • Proximity to the nation’s capitol or access to Skype is preferred.
  • Independent consultant seeking a permanent position is preferred.
  • Experience with making money (social media marketing) and keeping track of money (tax accounting) is a must!
  • The desire to change the world is a must!
  • Experience with business law, geography, or a bar is a plus.
  • The daily routine will consist of maintaining a web presence and collecting photographs of people using a model release form if using an unpaid volunteer, and inanimate objects for the purpose of marketing. The social media expert may, on occasion, serve as a speechwriter or spokesperson for the business owner when asked as well as a variety of ad hoc tasks.
  • Salary will increase with the profit of the business.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Flexible hours
  • Teleworking option
  • Emphasis on employee health
  • Other benefits that will be revealed after acceptance of job offer

There will be no background checks, but there will be a credit check. You will need to prove your integrity and trustworthiness during the interview process. If chosen after the interview, you will receive a non-disclosure agreement, access to the business plan, and a place on the Board of Directors. If not chosen, then your résumé will stay on file.

Submit resumes after December 25, 2012.

*When the company exceeds industry giants in profit, all employees get a $500 bonus!