Violence is Not the Answer


Today I am again reminded of how frequently people choose violence as a way of expressing anger. Two times there have been an active shooter (or the possibility of an active shooter) in a place close to me near dates that were important to me. I didn’t think I’d ever have to write a post about it here, but I feel that it is about time.

We all know about the current events with police brutality against blacks and the continuation of active shooters ever since the time I was in high school. In an American culture that glorifies violence, even over sex, it is not just surprising that there is violence, but it is surprising that there isn’t more.

The most relevant shooting to our group of people is the Columbine massacre, which many have confirmed were not the cause of Goths or the Goth culture. I will never forget that when a teacher told my friend to “take it off,” referring to his trenchcoat, he took off his shirt and put his trenchcoat back on. Now I’m not saying that I support defiance, especially when it comes to retaining a job, but I am saying that there are many ways to express ourselves that are nonviolent but just as effective.

The great thing about our fashion revolution is that it works best without violence. Actually, violence defeats the purpose of changing people’s opinions and stereotypes about us. People are not going to hire you under threat of force. Our revolution (to put Goths in jobs) will require us to do the work, and we will only get as far as the effort we put in. Our revolution is a revolution that will require our own self-improvement.

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The fashion revolution will be unlike any other revolution. It will be a subtle revolution. We go beyond non-violence and boycotts. That just gets attention, sometimes negative attention from those who are afraid of the unknown. If you try to get attention, you’ll get ignored for being the boy who cried wolf. Try to get less attention, and people will start to pay attention in a positive way. All you have to do is wear a pin. Talk about your dreams when people ask about it. Talk about your vision for a better tomorrow. Open up other people’s dreams.

Be professional. Be cool. Be calm. Be open-minded. Be charismatic and charming. Drop that which has no value to anyone.

We have already fought fire with fire. Where did it get us? Nowhere from what I can tell. Our fashion went before us and spoke for us before we could clarify what it said.

The only way to fight this war is to not fight. This is a war that will create awareness, which will cause people to question the way things are. It is a war for every person to internalize. Talk less. Encourage people to question more.

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