Perception Follows Judgment


Do you know who thinks about money the most? People who are focused on the lack of it. Same goes for sex, love, etc. In the same vein, those who think about fashion the most are those who feel repressed. The ultimate goal then is not fashion, but fashion freedom so that we can be free to see the intention behind our expressions of being and love each other unconditionally.

“Perception follows judgment.”—A Course in Miracles, Lesson 312

Even if you do not value the importance of perception, employers and hiring managers will make the judgment on whether or not they will help you pay your rent.

There is no reality besides that which is perceived. Meaning is the soul. The soul is meaning. Always finding the meaning. So you want them to get the correct meaning. The best way for them to get the correct meaning is if you go into an interview clean cut.

“What do you mean by clean cut? I went to the hair stylist and clipped my nails,” you might be thinking.

Unfortunately, in most cases, going to an interview means wearing a suit. (If you are curious about where this tradition came from, here is the history of suits:

Sometimes we have to make uncomfortable decisions as a means for an end. If you look at Steve Jobs and other mega-successful millionaires and billionaires, they had to make sacrifices in appearance until they were successful enough that people could see past first impressions. Only then could they wear whatever they wanted.

This means that, like Snapple, we may need to choose the second place to gain the first.

I have been where you have been. I no longer relate to the person I was because I used to live in fear, but I thought others might want to know that I know what it feels like, and there is a way out.

Ideally, we should all be able to express ourselves freely because we are expressions of one incarnation, one aspect of our larger soul. We should be able to show off our tattoos as free speech. We should be able to express ourselves fully, boldly, and bravely.

Freedom will make you come to life with obscene gusto. However, most people cannot handle obscene gusto from others at the outset, until they have gotten past first impressions and the relationship is more established.

We have to have an “in” before we can instill change. Reasons for most friction are change with the status quo. If we instill friction at the outset, we will not be hired, and we will not have that income to pay the bills. However, if we instill a gentle friction when the quality of our work is understood as solid, then we have a better chance to change organizations from the inside.

Most people think that they want to work in a place where they belong, a place that makes them happy. I have to tell you that it does not work like that. Successful people do not find their place in the world; they make it. You can make this change in any organization.

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