What I’m Thankful For


I am thankful for likeminded people who are supporting a healthy attitude toward style that is all too often ignored. Just because I have a blog specifically geared toward the more fashion eccentric, I believe that at the core of it is an admirable mission to be happy in your own skin and to feel that others support that. One of the likeminded people I discovered is Katie Cassidy, author of the blog, Tomboy KC. True, she may be more mainstream than the people I would normally promote, but I think her sentiment is one that I can relate to. In Shape magazine, she states “I hope it [my blog] empowers people to express themselves through their clothing. Women are often trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Creating this site has been a big part of my personal journey.” Please see it for yourself if you are so inclined. I will first direct you to her manifesto: http://tomboykc.com/manifesto/