Freaks Who Speak Toastmasters Club

What: Freaks Who Speak Toastmasters Club
When: September 18th from 7-8:30PM
Where: Scum of the Earth Church @ 935 W 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80204
Who: This will be an open club. There is an 18+ age requirement to be an official member, but all ages are allowed to participate in meetings to some extent. Normie allies of the Goth community are also welcome.
Why: There are many introverts with stories to share in the Goth community, but also few job skill trainings and resume-enhancing trainings targeted specifically to the Goth community
How: District 25 will provide a demonstration meeting to see if there is interest in the Goth community. Something like this has never been done before now!

Toastmasters Flyer

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines “pavisand,” a verb meaning “to display an impressive or opulent array of clothing and ornament; to flaunt one’s appearance.”

Goths, freaks, and other fashion-oriented types (including the tattooed) live lifestyles of pavisanding. To us, there is no other way to be. Our bodies are works of art. We are artists first and foremost, and we want the world to know. I was expressing this to my mother the other day. She looked at me with a confused expression and gave me the trite question: “But isn’t that a phase?” Here we go again. You’ve all been there, haven’t you? You all know what it’s like to explain. I don’t know if it’s a personality type thing or not (like maybe only the introverted feel the need to express what their mouths do not), but for some reason it is a real challenge expressing why we express who we are. Apparently, many people do not feel the need to self-identify for strangers. My father tells me that he doesn’t understand why homosexuals feel the need to express who they are, thinking that what is one’s entire identity is merely a private act that should be kept secret. My mother tells me that she doesn’t understand why I also feel the need to state that I’m an adoptee, as if the fact that my race, being different from my parents’ race, should also be a private and secret thing even when it is clearly visual and easy to see even for Captain Obvious, and is an important fact to convey to a medical doctor. What are your feelings on self-expressions of identity? Why is it important to you? How do you explain this to others? I remember taking a philosophy class on identity. What a challenging class! Is identity even important? Why do we obsess about who we are? Why does it matter? Leave your comments below.

Freaks Don’t Come From Ghettos


Who are freaks?

I do not use the term in a derogatory way to refer to people born with deformities or disabilities. I use the term as descriptive of a subculture of people who own and claim the word as their own for lack of a better term.

If they don’t come from the ghettos, where do freaks come from?

Freaks come from the suburbs, mainly, and sometimes from populated cities. They are mostly white, but not always. Their parents were probably overbearing. They grew up in a world of conformity, and found it too restrictive. Maybe they were not allowed to wear makeup or listen to rock music, but did anyways. They went to a secondary school. They had an intimate taste of being bullied and could withstand it (if they’re still alive). They have to be thick-skinned by necessity.

Why is this important?

This means that freaks, though formerly privileged, took the road less traveled to stay true to themselves. They are idealists and artists. Their bodies are their canvasses. Most of them are ISTP or INFJ personality types, according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is important to understand because this means that these people have employable skills. Though they might not have the right look for public relations, they might be good behind the scenes. One type is good with detailed artwork, crafts, construction, graphic design, music, etc. They might be good at IT or help desk call centers. The other type is good with people and empathetic skills, such as counseling, coaching, or selling online. They are good at working with people who had substance abuse issues, experience homelessness, or other challenges that nonprofits work tirelessly to eradicate. They are friends of those who need friends the most. They value their idealism more than they value a high paycheck. With enough motivation, they will work hard for you and stay loyal to your company. These are people you should have in your court, either on your corporate team or in your network of friends. So why don’t you give them a chance?

Lavoce’s New Mission

I took a one-year hiatus from Lavoce because I knew I needed that much time to reformulate the plan of action. Now there is only one month left, and I have finally decided what to do and why the original plan had failed.
Lavoce’s New Mission:
To make the world suitable for freaks and make freaks suitable for the world.
At first I thought Lavoce should be a library of books and resources that allow people to really understand freaks they know and similar freaks. But who would fund this? And who reads books anymore? Then I thought it needs to be an online retail shop with a coaching program because it needs to make money somehow. But why would I need to take my sustenance from others who are worse off than me?
Now I have thought about Lavoce being a job training and reentry program. It will not just be a reentry program for ex-convicts, but for anyone who left mainstream society of their own will in the belief that they could not be themselves within it. Of course, there will still be a small retail component, but it will mostly be there for raising awareness.

Before I start such a long journey into researching the ins and outs, I believe I will write a  book that can be used as the textbook, Formal Freaks. The plan is to make punks, Goths, tattooed people, skaters and outcasts into professional punks, grown-up Goths, trusted tattooed people, sharp-suited skaters, and generally, corporate outcasts. It will be for the people who are outcasts that want a better paying job to pay their bills and increase their standard of living.

Don’t get too excited. This entire project is still many years in the making, but it will get done eventually because…