Filling a Need


Some people say they want to become leaders when they grow up, but some just fall into it because no one else is willing to step up to the plate. I’m the latter. You cannot tell me that there is no need for Lavoce. I see the need everywhere. Every time I go to a Renaissance Faire, an anime convention, or the subway system I see people who enjoy dressing up and expressing their style through their hair whether dyed orange, dyed blue, or dyed white and put into dreadlocks.

If anyone else wants to lead the fashion revolution, I’m more than happy to share the stage. The first person recognized for an accomplishment is not always the person who had the idea first, but the person who made it work. I’m not greedy, and I’m not in this for the money. A person who is in this for the money would not be going against the status quo. I’m in this to make a change in whatever way necessary.

Please do not look at Lavoce as yet another company. There are enough companies out there in the market economy. Think of us as a one-stop shop for the fashion-oriented or others who just want to learn open-mindedness. Come to us when you don’t know where else to go. Not only can we tell you what fits your immediate material needs, but we can recommend what will fill your spiritual needs as well.

Well, that’s all for now, maybe I’ll bump into you at the AC/DC tribute concert I’m going to this weekend.