Changing the Game Plan Part II


I was thinking about how this is an online business initially and will not be a brick-and-morter business until donations and sales result in enough capital. Therefore, even though the focus is on fashion freedom, no one can actually see each other in a natural face-to-face way, so no one can practice getting past the real images that face us and the perceptions we have of those images through this medium. Therefore, I have decided to change the initial focus to inclusive, inner “spirituality” focused on practical application (how to open your mind by combating ego and the reactive mind), not on dogma. What this means is that the focus will temporarily shift to Kabbalah, Dianetics, Buddhism, Maum Meditation, metaphysics, channeled writings, and other proven means of facilitating open-mindedness. Some may consider these means religious, but are in actuality something people can practice with any set of religious beliefs. The side effects of using these methods will be improved health, relationships, and finances. The brick-and-morter business will still be a fashion-focused safe haven. However, by making this temporary shift in the initial stage, most customers should already have practiced open-mindedness skills, thus making the safe haven aspect of the business more effective and rewarding.