Lavoce’s New Mission

I took a one-year hiatus from Lavoce because I knew I needed that much time to reformulate the plan of action. Now there is only one month left, and I have finally decided what to do and why the original plan had failed.
Lavoce’s New Mission:
To make the world suitable for freaks and make freaks suitable for the world.
At first I thought Lavoce should be a library of books and resources that allow people to really understand freaks they know and similar freaks. But who would fund this? And who reads books anymore? Then I thought it needs to be an online retail shop with a coaching program because it needs to make money somehow. But why would I need to take my sustenance from others who are worse off than me?
Now I have thought about Lavoce being a job training and reentry program. It will not just be a reentry program for ex-convicts, but for anyone who left mainstream society of their own will in the belief that they could not be themselves within it. Of course, there will still be a small retail component, but it will mostly be there for raising awareness.

Before I start such a long journey into researching the ins and outs, I believe I will write a  book that can be used as the textbook, Formal Freaks. The plan is to make punks, Goths, tattooed people, skaters and outcasts into professional punks, grown-up Goths, trusted tattooed people, sharp-suited skaters, and generally, corporate outcasts. It will be for the people who are outcasts that want a better paying job to pay their bills and increase their standard of living.

Don’t get too excited. This entire project is still many years in the making, but it will get done eventually because…


Thrive Movement


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Once you have taken these actions, consider how supporting Lavoce: We Are People Too directly impacts at least five of the ten action steps:

  • Get Informed, Speak Up, and Connect with Others:The whole concept of Lavoce: We Are People Too is the idea that people will learn what it is like in others’ shoes (e.g., the shoes of family, friends, romantic interests, enemies) without having to go through the same experiences. This is possible through books and media. Everyone considers themselves the only one who understands what it’s like to be them. Eventually their pain is so great that they feel a burning desire, an obligation, to share what they know to those who don’t know. By now there are books and media for practically every group of people under the sun, but these authors are preaching to the choir because the people who buy their books already know some of what’s in the books. In that respect Lavoce is not the messenger, but the message distributor, focused on getting the message out to those who do not actively search for it.

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    Using the “torus” as an image, consider that information via books and media comes in through one of the funnels. A burst of cognition appears in the center of the torus when you are trying to grasp what you are learning. Out comes an understanding of a certain group of people from the other side, which will make one want to speak up about whatever was learned from the books and media. One way of speaking up is by creating books and other media, so you see something like a cycle encompassed by a web of connection with others and money circulation among those who deserve it, not those who want power over it.

  • Buy and Invest Responsibly: Purchases made through Lavoce will support not only fashion freedom, but open-mindedness and faith in humanity.
  • Support Independent Media: Media might refer to news to some, but I am expanding that definition to include any written or verbal content. Through the discount program, Lavoce will raise awareness of small businesses and help them to “thrive.” We will all grow together. As you may have already seen, much of the free media available supports the concept of open-mindedness and faith in humanity because the suppliers of the free media believe it is so imperative to get out their message to everyone. The information is free because it is “highly important,” not “cheap.” Here I am going to also define core vs. extracurricular purchases. Core purchases in Lavoce support the aim of open-mindedness and faith in humanity. Extracurricular purchases are typical retail purchases that customers buy because they are interested in them personally (non-media falls under this category), not because it was recommended as a vehicle for changing one’s worldview.
  • Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming: Small businesses Lavoce will support through the discount program could be related to organic food. Employees will have organic foods and live herbs in kitchen areas, not non-organic coffee.
  • Take Part in Critical Mass Actions: There are three basic principles in Lavoce: We Are People Too. These are critical mass, six degrees of separation, and the snowball effect. Click the links to learn more. As with any revolution, the success of the fashion freedom revolution depends on money and numbers to support the cause.

If you are a customer who wants to get involved now, please email to set up a free consultation of how you can open your mind. If you are a supplier or want to show overall support, check out and