Linked Specialists (Partners)

Lavoce: We Are People Too has a referral component because we are focused on relationships with customers and other businesses. If you are a customer, send your receipt from one of these partners to to get a $25 gift certificate to our Zazzle store. If you want to be among the first of promotional partners, email See “About Us” to know if advertising here fits you. Here are trusted partner companies recommended by Lavoce: We Are People Too.

Linked Specialists (Advertising including videos requires a $25 fee.)


Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work


Gothic Angel Clothing

Gothic Angel

Gothic Angel

 Jeannie Nitro

Direct to Jeannie Nitro Dot Com

Jeannie Nitro

Jeannie Nitro carries specialized clothing, such as baby Goth clothing, clothing for Gothic little girls, Gothic bridal wear, and clothing for Voluptuous Vamps.

Life Wisdom Network

Life Wisdom Network

Life Wisdom Network

Jackie Lapin

Spiritual Specialist

(310) 924-5080

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