Free Stuff!!! (Membership Tools)

FREE Treasure Vault

We provide a variety of products including the following:

  • Brochure: Share this brochure with those who may want to support the business. To open the brochure, click below.

LavoceWAP2 Brochure

  • Overview of Lavoce: This is an old PowerPoint created about Lavoce. To open the PowerPoint presentation, click below.

LaVoce WAP2 Briefing

  • Openmindedness Questionnaire: This is the first step on your journey to openmindedness. It shows where you are at in this stage of your life and is useful in showing improvement in various areas. To open the questionnaire, email
  • Daily Checklist: This is a checklist you can tape to the side of your computer or wherever you think you will look frequently. To open the checklist, email
  • Kim’s Thoughts on Tattoos: A customer gives her thoughts on tattoos. To see what she has to say, email
  • Rally Poster: Post this everywhere you think fashion minorities might be. To open the poster, click below.

Fashion Freedom Rally

We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer can be delivered to you within 0-3 business days.

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