Lavoce’s New Mission

I took a one-year hiatus from Lavoce because I knew I needed that much time to reformulate the plan of action. Now there is only one month left, and I have finally decided what to do and why the original plan had failed.
Lavoce’s New Mission:
To make the world suitable for freaks and make freaks suitable for the world.
At first I thought Lavoce should be a library of books and resources that allow people to really understand freaks they know and similar freaks. But who would fund this? And who reads books anymore? Then I thought it needs to be an online retail shop with a coaching program because it needs to make money somehow. But why would I need to take my sustenance from others who are worse off than me?
Now I have thought about Lavoce being a job training and reentry program. It will not just be a reentry program for ex-convicts, but for anyone who left mainstream society of their own will in the belief that they could not be themselves within it. Of course, there will still be a small retail component, but it will mostly be there for raising awareness.

Before I start such a long journey into researching the ins and outs, I believe I will write a  book that can be used as the textbook, Formal Freaks. The plan is to make punks, Goths, tattooed people, skaters and outcasts into professional punks, grown-up Goths, trusted tattooed people, sharp-suited skaters, and generally, corporate outcasts. It will be for the people who are outcasts that want a better paying job to pay their bills and increase their standard of living.

Don’t get too excited. This entire project is still many years in the making, but it will get done eventually because…


IMPORTANT: Please Share


This is a bit different from what I normally post, but a local friend asked me to post this as it is important to increase awareness of this issue.

Please read the following links in order, then make your own conclusions.

1. Read “What’s Really Happening in Syria” by Foster Gamble audio transcript from Thrive Movement (

2. Read “Aaron Alexis and Extremely Low Frequency Attacks: Truth or Fiction?” from The Washington Times Communities:

3. Read “Capitol Suspect Miriam Carey Believed Obama Electronically Monitored Her” from ABC News

4. Read “Miriam Carey’s Family Says DC Chase Suspect Was Not Delusional” from Associated Press

5. Read “Two DC Attacks and a Series of Unfortunate Coincidence” from Canada FreePress:

6. Read “Why I Believe Jesus Will Return to Earth During My Lifetime” at www.endtime.com

Always There For You



We’re there wherever you are. For the first time, Lavoce has a mobile site, which you can make into your very own mobile app. All you need to do is type in on your phone (if you forget, don’t worry because you’ll be redirected). If you have an iPhone (I know a lot of you just went out to buy the iPhone 5 and want an opportunity to use it), then just press the icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen.”


This is a special day



It took me only all of my life to get to this moment. Today is the first day that I truly realized my parents really want me to be all I can be. Never before did I realize that my parents truly want me know myself and be who I want to be. They do not want me to walk in their shoes and do what they did. They do not want me to do what they did not do. They want what’s best for me. They want me to get what I want, not what they think I want. They truly want me to think for myself; they do not want me to be their carbon copy and believe everything they believe. It only takes a few words, repeated many times in my life, but it took a lifetime to understand. My parents are my allies and my greatest fans.

I truly wish that everyone could feel what I feel today. I want to share this feeling with others.


Killing Sikhs is Sick!


You might have heard about the shooting in the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI. Many Americans are still ignorant about the Sikh culture in general. One of the many things Lavoce can do is open your mind to the Sikh culture and Sikhs in general. You can learn more about the turban, that one article of clothing that makes them eligible to be covered were “fashion” included in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It is clear that we have a long way to go in opening people’s minds. Let’s start now.

Though it is an extreme case, Lavoce ambassadors are like the police officer who sacrificed his life for his fellow men. If people are too afraid to raise their hands to ask something in a classroom or webinar or are too afraid to return an RSVP to give the news that they will not be able to attend an event, imagine how many more are too afraid to stand up for their fellow citizens?

I wanted to address the white elephant in the room here as there is talk about music influence, similar to the talk surrounding the Columbine incident in the ’90s. Sure, it gave people a bad impression of the Goth culture since the shooters wore black trench coats, but time and again it was proven that the shooters were not Goths, and Goths cannot all be lumped under the category of “wears black.” Do you really think Goths would let an incident that happened in the ’90s affect an entire culture that started in the ’70s. If that is what people think, then they have another thing coming. It is all the more reason to be role models, to be twice as much as our “normal” counterparts. When Cho killed students in Virginia Tech, Koreans all over the world didn’t hide or look for cover just because a bad seed happened to be from Korea. Likewise, people in the military and veterans will not hide because the shooter happened to be from the Army. It’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, just think back to your school days, but it should not be that way. This is why the new Goth, Lavoce ambassadors, should take part in giving and receiving recognition, so that no good deeds goes unrewarded and so that the good guys don’t finish last. Goodness prevails always. As sung in the musical, Wicked, “No one mourns the wicked.”

Change the world with $1.45


Buy this button

The fashion revolution will be unlike any other revolution. It will be a subtle revolution. We go beyond non-violence and boycotts. That just gets attention, sometimes negative attention from those who are afraid of the unknown. If you try to get attention, you’ll get ignored for being the boy who cried wolf. Try to get less attention, and people will start to pay attention in a positive way. All you have to do is wear a pin. Talk about your dreams when people ask about it. Talk about your vision for a better tomorrow. Open up other people’s dreams.

Be professional. Be cool. Be calm. Be open-minded. Be charismatic and charming. Drop that which has no value to anyone.

We have already fought fire with fire. Where did it get us? Nowhere from what I can tell. Our fashion went before us and spoke for us before we could clarify what it said.

The only way to fight this war is to not fight. This is a war that will create awareness, which will cause people to question the way things are. It is a war for every person to internalize. Talk less. Encourage people to question more.

This button can do for the fashion-oriented what the Human Rights Campaign did for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual (GLBT) community.

If you want to support the cause for pennies, click the link below:

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If you have a tattoo, you might want to consider this button instead: I have a tattoo button

The Corporate Employment Research Program Has Begun


“[S]elf expression is the dominant necessity of human nature.” –William Winter

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” –Henry Ford

I’m back! Ain’t it wonderful! Now that my site has launched, I have just a bit more time to add posts and announcements to this blog.

If you are an employer, then you will be happy to know that I have started a research program focused on hard statistics, so that any employer will not be able to argue with the facts. I know that you may have felt that I ignored you, but I have not. I realize that word has to get around to employers first. My goal is to find tangible results in current statistics so that I can tell employers that Lavoce: We Are People Too can offer a better, untapped workforce in the corporate world who will be loyal and productive to their company.*

I am in the process of collecting usable statistics that I can show to prospective employers. If you own a Goth business or similar fashion-oriented business then please send all and any statistics to so that I can analyze it for employable traits. If you do not feel comfortable with giving me that data, then the second best thing is to send an email allowing me to set up polls on your site or to give me permission to contact your employees or customers for interviews.

Please click here to take the survey

*Note: We are not focusing on fashion freedom in such uniformed service organizations as the military, police, or construction workforce at this moment.