Frequently Asked Questions

In order to accomplish the 4 Fs (fashion, freedom, flexibility, and faith in humanity) we have a program of the 3 Rs:

Respect: Respect can be broken down into the 10 Gs:

  • Grooming (Etiquette): The resource for this is with First Resort: Unspoken Rules ($50)
  • Gratefulness (Thankfulness)
  • Goals (Dreams)

Relationships: We care about relationships.

Raising Awareness: In the future, our external consultants will go out into the world as Lavoce ambassadors with one piece of flair to accomplish the 4 Fs.


What are the Key Advantage Points?

  • Unique and customized solutions for any problem
  • Leverages life changing and local (business) linkages
  • Long-term to permanent positive changes


Is Lavoce: We Are People Too For You?

If any of these scenarios reflect your life, then you are ready for a change.


Scenario #1: The Too Laters

Perhaps you altered your body with earlobe piercing or tattoos when you were in high school, college, military, or prison, and no one told you that you’ll have more freedom to wear whatever you want when you are financially free. Now that you want a new life you don’t have the money to change the physical body alteration that causes employers to judge you before you open your mouth. If this is you, then you need Lavoce.


Scenario #2: Boomerang Generation

Perhaps you are part of the boomerang generation. With not enough money to support you in the recession economy you have returned to living with your parents even though you might have children of your own. Perhaps you struggle to understand your parents or children’s generation at home or at work. Perhaps the conflict goes deeper due to adoption issues. If all you want is a happy home, then Lavoce can help make your dreams come true.


Scenario #3: The Matrix

If you feel like you’re living in The Matrix with a bunch of cardboard cutout coworkers, you feel like there’s more to life, and you feel that you are chosen to make a difference in the world but can’t see how to do it, then this program is for you.


How Does Lavoce: We Are People Too Compare to the Competition?

Lavoce is the first and only company in existence with the mission to add fashion minorities as a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Even if others popped up with the same mission (which I highly doubt), they will not have the same program or infrastructure.


Lavoce has multiple components. One of the components focuses on relationships and spirituality, which might make the company comparable to Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer. However, none of these experts focus on connecting people to the right sources. The competitors that focuses on doing so would include major infomediaries, such as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. However Lavoce is the first and only company to put the two concepts together, which means there is essentially no competition.



How Do I Know You Are Who You Said You Are?

Freshman Yearbook

Freshman Yearbook

I know you can’t see me, so to emphasize my credibility, this is what friends said in my freshman yearbook in high school:

  •   “I’ll be looking forward to seeing your fashion designs next year”
  •   “I will buy your clothes when you are a famous designer, just try to make ’em cheap!”
  •   “Please, don’t scare anyone over the summer with your outfits and whenever someone asks you why you are wearing that, say you’re supposed to (the aliens […] told you to).”
  •   “I love coming to skool just to see what you’re wearing!”
  •   “You’ve got a style unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. I hope you do something great with it in the future.”


If I had the option available to me to dress the way I wanted AND work where I wanted, I would have been more productive and fulfilled. It is easier to destroy than to build. It is easier to fight fire with fire, but Lavoce’s stance is the stance of the wise turtle (or bat if you’re looking for some nice Goth symbolism). You, as the employee, do not have to sell your soul to make money. However, it will take some time, and we will have to work together to make this a reality.


Doesn’t This Conflict with Buddhism?

This does not conflict, but gets one closer to the spiritual, non-physical realm. Many people have a “burning itch” (like sex) they have wanted to fulfill for decades. Once they can scratch that itch, they can provide safety and comfort to others who have that itch and bring honor, respect, and dignity back to our culture, which will get us beyond the physical. You cannot get from A to C without passing B. You cannot get productive citizens of society if their cup is empty and leaking. We have to patch up those cups and fill those cups until they overflow into the ones underneath.

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