About Lavoce

Lavoce: We Are People Too is… the fashion freedom activist store, leader of the Fashion Resistance, bringer of true open-mindedness to the masses!

The Executive Director for Lavoce: We Are People Too is eBo Young. Urban legend has it that eBo hails from the Washington DC metro area – a land known for its stuffy shirts and lack of individuality in the workplace. She craved the ability to dress as a Goth AND make more than enough money to cover her bills and could not be confined to a bland existence. When she could stand it no longer, Young set her eyes on the Internet in search of those seeking the same thing.

eBo found her mission in life – to lead the Fashion Resistance and make a stand against the cookie cutter society. She would bring freedom of fashion to those oppressed by fashion conformity.

So, to those living in quiet desperation who want more out of life, those needing to be liberated from a mediocre existence of suits and ties, or those who feel that the government is encroaching on rights of the individual – join her and continue this revolution. All in favor, say YES!

Lavoce: We Are People Too helps people discriminated against because of their fashion orientation, and those affected by them, understand how to open their mind first so that the world will open their arms and the doors of employment to neglected cultures. What distinguishes us from other companies is our philosophy and perspective. Through our vision, we believe that we can change lives around the globe. We are your peace peddler partner in fighting the ego.

This company will focus on products and services to niche markets, specifically for marginalized societies. The initial audience will include Goths, especially the Goth who doesn’t go clubbing. Then the inventory will expand to serve gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender/transsexual (GLBT); anime (Japanese animation); and other societies that focus on fashion freedom. The company’s goal is to create an environment where customers, clients, and employees feel comfortable in showcasing their inner, or previously hidden, personality and culture to promote high self-esteem. In this, we sell a lifestyle of open-mindedness and faith in humanity. Purchases of products support the lifestyle.

We want to revolutionize our country and world (we already have a customer base in more than 12 countries http://www.zeemaps.com/pub?group=346805). Fashion and economic class have an almost symbiotic relationship. When we can eradicate fashion discrimination, we can make it easier to eradicate discrimination of race, gender, culture, etc. When we eradicate fashion discrimination, we can eradicate the need for money to separate people and the need for people to identify with and feel guilty or egotistical about their economic class. This is a tall order, but no one made their dreams come true by thinking small.

Mission: To amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include “fashion” and to make the protected groups so long that it would make sense to change it to “prohibits employment discrimination” period. To that end, Lavoce sells information that has the will to change lives and revolutionize the way customers understand themselves and others and to sell products that promote open-mindedness and faith in humanity. Once we have achieved that mission, a new one will encompass world laws, not just American laws. Our secondary mission is to make the world suitable for freaks and make freaks suitable for the world.

About the logo: “La Voce” means “the voice” in Italian. Unity of the two words into “Lavoce” symbolizes the unity we seek with our brethren. What is our voice? Clothing. Up until now clothing has been what separates wage slave from starving artist. Upgrade the wage. Take out the slave. Take out the starving. In the future we’ll have salaried artists. The gray color alludes to the gray areas of American society. Most companies avoid the color gray, which makes Lavoce unique. The black in the rainbow refers to Goths. However, even though Goths are known for wearing black, we understand that wearing black every day can get a little boring. Nothing is black and white; all is in a spectrum of gray. The rainbow stands for diversity and the GLBT section of the audience. The star and stripes of the rainbow refers to the company’s American origins.

Vision: To educate the masses about the other masses to thus end discrimination and dehumanization, to show love and hope to the downtrodden, and to use money and numbers (of people) to bring about large-scale sustainable revolutions of thought.

Unique Feature: Lavoce is a store with a message. Lavoce is where customers and employees can wear (mostly) whatever they want.


  • Our responsibility to customers is in building relationships through empathy
  • Our responsibility to employees is teamwork and training
  • Our responsibility to the community is awareness
  • Our responsibility to sponsors is honesty and transparency
  • Our responsibility to ourselves is focus on the mission

Goal: To enlighten and to persuade moderates and both extremes to love, honor, and cherish their neighbors and not just to tolerate them.

You can have fashion freedom AND be a professional at the same time. It’s win-win. No more tough decisions.

“I am committed to helping customers achieve their dreams. I am located on the East Coast in the DC metro area.” –eBo Young, CEO, president

This site launched on Independence Day 2012!

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