Post-Halloween Blues: “You Can’t Have It Both Ways”

Happy Belated Halloween. I hope it was better than mine. I intentionally didn’t put an exclamation mark there because, frankly, I was throwing myself a pity party. When you still can’t be fully yourself even on the one day when it’s allowed, it can get a little depressing. My dad said to me “you can’t have it both ways.” I can’t have a job that pays the bills and allows for comforts AND be myself, and, likewise, I can’t be myself AND have a job that pays the bills and allows for comforts. There’s something wrong with this statement. Maybe now it’s true. Maybe in DC it’s true. But it shouldn’t be true. It shouldn’t need to continue being true, not for our children’s generation. No, not for them. Something has got to give. And it’s not going to be me.

Remember why we are here. We represent rebellion. We are the visual representations of rebellion. In order to suppress change in society, the easiest thing a society can do is to suppress its rebels. Do you hear me? A fight against us is a fight against change and a fight against freedom. It is a fight against all humankind. American society today that strangles freedom by its throat, that cuts off freedom’s purse strings, is not the type of America that I would support. The only type of America I would support is the America of freedom. The America of free expression.

I have heard some say that the spirit of Christmas should be year round. I believe that for people like us the spirit of Halloween should be year round too. I generally mean that we should be able to wear whatever we want whenever we want to wear it. We shouldn’t have to suppress who we are. Another aspect of Halloween is that it’s scary. Yes, it is a little scary when people want to go changing the world, but if it’s a cause you truly believe in, then what’s a little fear? A little fear with a lot of guts–that’s called courage. I encourage you all to be courageous in the midst of suppression.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do what you can do to change this. I was hoping to be the one who could change this singlehandedly, but that’s unrealistic, and I need some help. So what I’d advise everyone to do now, again, is to go to STAPAW and support them. If you want to support us both, then I’d advise you to wear a gray ribbon. When someone asks about the ribbon, you can tell them about Lavoce: We Are People Too. We need as many friends and supporters as we can get.

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