Just wait…

You may think you don’t need Lavoce now, but wait until the US becomes a totalitarian state. Doubt me? Search for “Executive Order 12919″ and “NSPD 51” or “Obamacare‘s presidential army.”


While you’re at it, search for these words as well:

Arcs rise above an active region on the surfac...

  • Solar flare (what the Sun does)
  • Coronal mass ejection (will cause the electric grid to be shut down)
  • Collecting rainwater is illegal (disallows one to hydrate when the electricity goes out)
  • Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (makes gardening illegal)
  • Nibiru/Planet X (will cause the polar shift)
  • Polar shift (will cause land shifts)
  • TEOTWAWKI (an acronym you should know)
  • SHTF (an acronym you should know)
  • Off the grid (what people are doing now)
  • Healing is illegal (allows the government to jail anyone who heals or cures)
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (outlaws homeschooling; applies outside of the US)
  • Eminent domain (allows the government to seize your property)
  • UN Arms Trade Treaty (allows the government to seize your methods of self-protection; applies outside of the US)
  • Credit Card Bill of Rights of 2011 (allows credit card companies to increase interest rates and add fees after a credit card has been paid)


According to Dmitri Orlov, the five stages of collapse start with financial collapse. Totalitarian regimes are most easy to implement post-collapse. I believe that many people are starting to awaken to the realities of our financial state (and the world’s) on both sides of the fence, and some are even awakening to the realities of the literal health of the US (and the world’s).


If you think you already have fashion freedom, just you wait. I cannot tell you. You have to experience it firsthand. Then you’ll want to remember my name. My name is eBo Young, president/CEO of Lavoce: We Are People Too.




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