We Are A Unique Species

People, due to their ego, take pride in their differences despite the fact that it keeps them from their goal of world peace. Humans are the only animals that wear clothing and take pride in the wearing of it. We are also the only animal that discriminates based on clothing. To any intelligent species looking in (e.g., dolphins) we’re strange, about as strange as a slug that can change gender at any time. In fact, we can change gender at any point since gender is a societal construct closely tied to clothing and has nothing to do with real physiology. The pros are that clothing adds another layer of protection, much like shelter, and we can choose where we steal our resources be it from animals or plants. The con is that we have to rely on external sources to acquire that which we use daily. Considering that our connection to nature is integral to our comfort and way of life, shouldn’t we take better care of it? I’m not espousing a raw vegan alternative lifestyle or becoming a recycling cop, but I pose a logical question in line with my last post: What is going to happen when we have to rely on something we have abused? What happens to the abusive spouse who loses a job and has to rely on his spouse’s income? Such a person will have to face the reality that the other has woken up and decided to abandon him/her to fend for himself/herself. How will we be able to live off the land after we have impoverished it of the resources we will need?

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