Mothers Need Lavoce


Mother with pink hair

Mother with pink hair

Above is a picture (albeit a fuzzy picture) of a mother with pink dreadlocks and a midriff carrying a baby. I see this all time. So many fashion-oriented people are parents. What is more important to you, parents? The pink hair (or whatever else) or the baby? Do you want to find a win-win solution where you can have pink hair AND a good future for your child? Then why are you still working at Target, Macys, Giant, or any other retail store that pays minimum wage? You need Lavoce…badly. There is NO OTHER company in the world that will teach you how make more money as a successful, working woman in the corporate world AND keep your hair pink. I swear to you, there is NO OTHER company out there willing to stick its neck out for YOU. Take advantage of it. It’s not that hard. It really isn’t.


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