You Deserve More

Pink-haired guitarist

Pink-haired guitarist

I saw this pink-haired guitarist when I was getting off the DC metro the other day. It reminded me of the Joshua Bell and Washington Post experiment initiated by Gene Weingarten who won a Pulitzer Prize for the experiment. Joshua Bell, Grammy Award winner who also won the Avery Fisher Prize and has been #1 on Billboard Classical, only made $32.17 (excluding $20 from someone who recognized him) playing at the subway station. Be honest with yourself. Have you undervalued yourself? Are you playing at subway stations or working for Target while supporting children? You deserve more. You deserve an award and a high salary just for being you and for providing the world something that only you can offer with your combination of skills and talents. If you are ready to get more out of life and your paycheck, then you will do the world a favor by filling out this survey here:

The Joshua Bell and Washington Post Experiment: (scroll down to “The Washington Post Experiment”)

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