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The fashion revolution will be unlike any other revolution. It will be a subtle revolution. We go beyond non-violence and boycotts. That just gets attention, sometimes negative attention from those who are afraid of the unknown. If you try to get attention, you’ll get ignored for being the boy who cried wolf. Try to get less attention, and people will start to pay attention in a positive way. All you have to do is wear a pin. Talk about your dreams when people ask about it. Talk about your vision for a better tomorrow. Open up other people’s dreams.

Be professional. Be cool. Be calm. Be open-minded. Be charismatic and charming. Drop that which has no value to anyone.

We have already fought fire with fire. Where did it get us? Nowhere from what I can tell. Our fashion went before us and spoke for us before we could clarify what it said.

The only way to fight this war is to not fight. This is a war that will create awareness, which will cause people to question the way things are. It is a war for every person to internalize. Talk less. Encourage people to question more.

This button can do for the fashion-oriented what the Human Rights Campaign did for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual (GLBT) community.

If you want to support the cause for pennies, click the link below:

Buy this button

If you have a tattoo, you might want to consider this button instead: I have a tattoo button

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