Overcoming All Odds

I was speaking with a business owner the other day to seek advice on starting this company. His first reaction was to avoid setting up a bookstore/media store because it would have to go up against the Goliaths of the industry. He cited the closure of Borders stores all over the nation. Did such negativity deter me? No. Wasn’t it Simba from the Lion King who said, “I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!” See, the thing most people don’t understand about Lavoce is threefold:

  1. It’s Not the Books, People: Lavoce doesn’t sell books or media, it sells dreams of a better future and the systems to get us there. The definition of “Gothika” is a situation in which someone sees or feels things that others can’t. The “Goths” of our stores are not Goths who dress in black, but the Goths who choose to see what others can’t: the true being of each person. Books and media are just one of the tools to help us create a future of open-mindedness. The method of learning open-mindedness is through media (books etc.), events (speakers), and awareness (consultants out in the “real” world). Inventory is not willy nilly; media must have the ability to transform people’s thinking about a group of people. Our customer service representatives do not ask, “How may I help you?” They ask, “How may we help you open your mind?” People won’t buy because we have something the Goliaths of the industry don’t, though I could add more foreign media to the inventory since that area is sorely lacking elsewhere. Customers will buy because they support the greater vision.
  2. It’s Not the Civil Rights Either: Certainly a fashion revolution is quite different from the Civil Rights Movement. The latter movement had been alive centuries before there were protests in the 1960s. However, when people taste how good it is among those who do not judge a person’s worth based on appearance, they will realize that something was missing from their lives. They will realize it takes more than money to make us free. It requires a spiritual journey from every person to find and drop prejudices we never realized we had. Only then will there be peace.
  3. It’s Not a Non-Profit: Do you want help from a company struggling as much as you are and financially supported by organization you don’t trust? Do you want help from a company that is begging for money as much as you are? How about being helped by a company that teaches you to help yourself (gives you a job) and helps you to focus on fixing the cause (our beliefs about each other) and not the effects?
  4. Our Day Will Come: Ever heard of the tortoise and the hare? Lavoce will take the road of the tortoise. A lot of planning will go into this before it gets off the ground. Patience is a virtue. I may hire the first employee later than I said I would, but when this is ready, it will be the best place to work. Believe me, it takes time, patience, and determination. These are qualities I have and qualities that I expect employees to have. While you wait for a job here, cultivate yourself. If you can help in a different capacity, let me know via comments.

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