Appearance Policy for External Consultants

External Consultants are those who serve as Lavoce’s representatives in the traditional business world to help citizens understand why it is important to make fashion discrimination illegal. To convey a positive image to clients, our employees must dress appropriately. Always wear your name badge so that people may identify you even if their aim is to complain.

Dress Code for External Consultants

Do not wear the following when representing the company to the client:

  • Capri pants
  • Midriff tops
  • Miniskirts
  • Pajamas
  • Torn, cut, worn, or frayed clothing
  • Wedding dresses

If you are an external consultant you may have tattoos that are minimal or concealed. When deciding what to wear remember that you are not going out to party. The goal is traditional business attire with one piece of flair.

Hygiene for All Employees

  • All hands shall be clean.  Wash hands after using the restroom.
  • Any employee that sneezes or coughs must cover his mouth or nose, and then immediately wash his hands.  Never sneeze or cough toward customers.
  • Before coming to work everyone must brush their teeth, shower, and shampoo.
  • Do not come into contact with anyone’s blood. Always use gloves.
  • Keep all clothing items clean, without wrinkles, and without an odor. Clothing should also fit well.
  • Apply nailpolish evenly with minimal chips no matter what color
  • Keep hair groomed and clean even if in dreadlocks.
  • Pluck nose/ear hairs
  • Remove odors of any kind except breath fresheners
  • Wear shoes because the floor could be dirty or because you may drop something heavy on your feet.

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